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I’ve been outspoken on the difficulty of vacuuming Frieze carpet, and long shag type carpets. There is a new kind of carpet that appeared on the scene lately. It’s also very hard to find a vacuum that works on it. Mohawk, a leading manufacturer of carpets has introduced a carpet known by the brand name Silk. Smart Strand Silk is a premium high pile carpet. It’s incredibly soft to the touch, and you love walking barefoot on it. The problem is, Not too many vacuums works on this carpet, as your choices are limited to the very few models of vacuum cleaners. Just about any vacuum with automatic carpet height adjustment will fail you. As soon as turn them on, the brush will stop and your house would smell like a rubber company. From Dyson to Hoover and many others.  As a matter of fact 99% of the vacuums that you buy from a Big Box store or on line stores will disappoint. Riccar manufacturing company have few models that will work on Mohawk carpet, such as the Radiance series as well as the Brilliance series premium and if you prefer a lite weight vacuum than the RSL series however the RSL series require that you purchase a Riser. Riccar Vacuum Co make vacuums for American homes, by American, in America. They make many different models Check my site for the Riccar products. makes many great vacuums in St James Missouri that will work on Mohawk Smart Strand Silk carpet, Frieze, extra plush, and shag carpets.

Tip: Are you about to replace your carpet? Before you do, please ask for a sample. Try to vacuum debris from the sample. We are finding that many carpets, and some carpet backings, are almost impossible to vacuum. Carpet manufacturers sometimes prohibit the use of a brush roll in order to retain your warranty. Obviously not much dirt will come out of a pile without a little agitation. If you are needing to purchase a new vacuum to take care of your investment, take along a sample large enough to test when shopping. Some vacuum cleaners could be easy to push across soft carpet. Now do you know if you are actually getting any cleaning done? Are you doing more damage than good? Some carpet makers are recommanding vacuums that are easy to push however what is not being reported are any results on "cleanability".